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I-I'm okay.




Painting Re-Enactment


She revived everyone in the city that she could (so awesome) and then ah she’s just so relieved Zel is back and he catches her as she PASSES OUT FROM EXHAUSTION and smiles because he’s so happy to see her and proud of her and wow I cannot handle. THEN HE OFFERS TO STAY BEHIND WITH HER WHILE SHE GETS BETTER DESPITE THE FACT THAT THEY HAVE THE URN WITH REZO’S SOUL (AKA POSSIBLY HIS CURE).

Stop. I cannot. 






after my mother died, father raised me all by myself…



At the end of Slayers TRY, two things happen between Zelgadis and Amelia that we know of:

  1. She asks him to return to Saillune with her, to which he replies that he’ll think about it. Of course it’s worth noting how big a deal it is that he even considered it at this point in time. 
  2. In the epilogue, we see that he’s traveling around on his own, but he’s carrying one of her bracelets. It’s been said that Amelia put a vision spell on the bracelet so she can communicate with him through it. This was apparently in a magazine article released around that time. I’ve never found a definite source for it though, so I’m not sure it’s true. However, the song lyrics used during this part ‘let me hear your voice, let me be with you’ do lend some credence to the theory. We also don’t know if Zelgadis did go back to Saillune with her (and left later) or not. Either way though, she gifted him with one of her (obviously precious) bracelets, and he carries it around in a visible place. It’s not shoved to the bottom of his knapsack or something. It’s around his canteen, something he sees all the time. 

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Oooh, I was so bored.

So I tried to do a little animation where Amelia kissing Zel (if I can’t see this in anime or manga I will draw it myself) ^^ 

Damn it. I love them.

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